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The high temperatures in Texas can make for some pretty uncomfortable summers, but did you know that it’s more than just the temperature that contributes to that hot and sticky feeling? It’s the humidity!

The humidity level represents the amount of water vapor that’s in the air, and needless to say, when the air is hot outside, the water vapor will be too! High levels of humidity can leave you feeling like you’re walking through steam on an especially hot day. The last thing you’ll want is to feel this way inside of your own home, and it’s important to know that some air conditioning systems combat humidity more efficiently than others. Not sure where your system falls on the list? Keep reading to learn more about humidity control and home comfort!

Have you had days where no matter how low you set your thermostat, you can’t get your home to a comfortably cool temperature? It’s likely that your system is running in overdrive trying to remove the humidity from the air, but it’s not able to handle the job! Your air conditioning system will do its best to remove the moisture and heat from the air, but if your system is older or not properly fitted for your home, it’s going to have to work longer and harder and potentially still not deliver the results that you’re hoping for. When your system is forced to work this hard to cool your home, it raises your utility bills and speeds up the process of wear and tear that will cost you in maintenance repairs in the long run, assuming you won’t have to replace your entire system!

If you’re finding that your air conditioning system doesn’t cool the way it used, it might be struggling to remove the hot air from your home. A few telltale signs that your home is too humid are moist-feeling surfaces, a musty smell and foggy windows. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, it’s time to invest in an air conditioning system designed to control temperature AND humidity!

While all air conditioning and cooling systems will, to an extent, control for humidity, there are systems out there that control humidity separately from heating and cooling. These systems will operate even when your home does not need to be heated or cooled, making them an intuitive and energy efficient option. It also takes the guess work out for you of trying to figure out why your home isn’t reaching the temperature you’ve set it to. A system that keeps your home at the proper level of humidity is going to save you in energy costs, keep the interior of your home and furniture in better condition, and save you money in AC service and repair over time.

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Spring is in the air! Spring is an exciting time for most; the weather is beautiful and everything is starting to bloom. The problem is, if you’re an allergy sufferer, spring can mean itchy eyes, runny noses and constant sneezing! With pollen all around us, being outside can cause some pretty severe allergy symptoms, but you shouldn’t have to experience this in your own home! Good air filtration and indoor air quality controls can make all the difference when it comes to fighting allergies in your home.

Keeping a clean home to prevent dust and pollen from accumulating is really important this time of year, but you’ll find that no matter how often you dust you still may be bothered by allergies! As your HVAC system brings in air from outside, it likely comes as no surprise that air pollutants are making their way in as well. The best way to combat this is with an air filtration system. An air filtration system will prevent dust, dirt, and pollen from accumulating in your system and circulating throughout your home.

In addition to keeping allergy symptoms at bay, investing in an air filtration system will also help your HVAC system to run more efficiently! Pollen and other pollutants clog your system and hinder air movement, which forces your system to work harder in order to circulate throughout your home. A filtration system will help your system to run smoother, and save you money on utility bills and repair costs over time!

A good filtration system can help to alleviate allergy symptoms, keep your system running efficiently, and improve the health and quality of the air in your home. Remember that during this time of year it’s especially important to ensure that you are changing your air filters regularly.

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