Heating Installation and Fundamental Changes to a Household

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Many people will eventually get their heating systems replaced. There are many different factors that will make heating installation and replacement more complicated. People typically decide to get a new heating system that is identical to the old one. It makes sense that people would want this, because they already had a great deal of experience… Read more »

Air Conditioning Service: How to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

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Don’t wait until the summer heat is already here to start thinking about getting your air conditioning units ready to keep you cool without sending your energy bills sky high. Consider these suggestions for lowering your AC costs this summer. Schedule Regular Routine Maintenance: A semi-annual maintenance program for your HVAC system is the best… Read more »

Why Your Furnace Smells Like Gas

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Poorly installed, poorly maintained, and old natural gas furnaces can do more than break down and inconvenience you. They can explode. If they have a big enough natural gas leak and the gas is sufficiently concentrated, it only takes an ignition source such as a spark to cause an explosion. When you smell gas, you… Read more »