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Summer is officially over and it’s time to turn those heaters back on. Before firing up your furnace for the season, be sure you take the proper preventative measures to ensure all is safe and in top working condition. Ideally, you should schedule an annual preventative maintenance for your furnace before the cold weather sets in, however it’s never too late!

Some Common Problems

Once winter arrives, and you start to experience problems, how do you know if your furnace needs repairs or just a tune-up? Here are some signs to look for and how to know when to call a professional.

  • If the unit smells like something is when you first turn it on, or the blower is running but not delivering any heat, turn it off and check the filter. If it appears dusty or clogged, replace and restart the unit. The burning smell should dissipate quickly. If the smell is still strong after 15-20 minutes, shut the unit off and contact a professional to discuss your problem and schedule a technician.
  • Strange noises: You know the normal “noises” your house makes best. If your furnace is making strange sounds, such as a low hiss or loud banging noise, it’s time to get a professional to check it out.
  • Low temperatures: If your furnace is not heating up to your thermostat setting or blowing cold air, your thermostat may need to be replaced.
  • Trouble at start-up: If your experience a problem starting your furnace, do not attempt to force it. Instead, contact us and we will schedule one of our trained technicians to come out and take a look.
  • Short-cycling: If your furnace is starting up, running briefly, and then coming to an abrupt stop, you should have it looked at immediately to avoid major repairs. Again, the problem may be that the thermostat or a thermocouple is not functioning correctly. One of our trained technicians can determine the cause and get your furnace up and running again.

Carbon Monoxide

One final thought to keep in mind is that repairing your furnace is imperative to reducing your risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Increased exposure can cause illness and even fatalities if not detected in time.

If for any reason you don’t feel safe starting your furnace, call Barrett & Sons Inc. for help.

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