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There are certain signs that your air conditioner needs to be looked at by an air conditioning contractor. These signs might include a strange noise coming from the air conditioner, a weird smell emanating from the air conditioner, too much cooling or not enough cooling, and even ice formation.

These are things you need to look out for, even if the air conditioner is performing to your expectations. It’s best to call the experts right away, before the situation gets any worse, and your air conditioner breaks down completely. Here is some more information for the signs we previously mentioned:

Strange Noise.

Your air conditioner should emit a low, steady hum which you should be able to ignore completely. If the sound of the air conditioner is bothering you, it could indicate that something is wrong. The loud sound might be continuous or it might come and go; either way, keep an ear out for it and call your contractor as soon as this problem occurs.

Weird Smell.

Sometimes, when there is a gas leak in the air conditioner, there might be a weird smell in the air coming into the room. In such cases, it is best to turn the air conditioner off and call your contractor right away, even if the smell seems bearable. Getting the problem fixed right away will keep your air conditioner working better for longer.

Too Much Cooling.

This might happen if something is wrong with the keypad or remote control of your air conditioner. It might get stuck at a very cold temperature or it might get stuck in “turbo” mode. Make sure to call your contractor right away because it can be very uncomfortable to be in a frigid room.

Not Enough Cooling.

This is usually the thing that prompts most people to call their contractor. If their AC is not giving them enough cooling, they get uncomfortable and want to get it repaired. Obviously, you should call your contractor when this happens and get it fixed but don’t ignore the other problems.

Ice Formation.

Sometimes, you go to clean out the filter of your air conditioner and you notice that ice has formed behind it. This is not normal. Your air conditioner is not supposed to be full of ice, no matter what temperature you set it on. So if you see ice forming, it’s time to call your contractor right away.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions and service needs you may have. We’re here to help, and hope to hear from you!

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