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While summer may be right around the corner, this does not mean that you should shut off your furnace and ignore it for the next several months. Having your furnace serviced now will help to ensure that your furnace is ready to go again come fall. Yet, how will you know if your furnace is in need of maintenance and repair? If your furnace exhibited any of the following signs this winter, then you may want to have it professionally inspected and repaired this spring.

You Couldn’t Keep Warm

One of the clearest signs of problems with your furnace is if you and your family were unable to keep warm in your home this winter, even when the heater was running. If your heater seemed to be blowing weakly, was blowing cool air, and/or it was running constantly but not providing heat throughout your home, then there is likely a problem with your furnace that needs to be fixed before next winter.

Your Furnace Makes Strange Noises

Furnaces will make a certain amount of noise when they are operating. Older furnaces in particular tend to be loud when running. However, your furnace should not suddenly begin operating louder than usual, or begin making strange banging, clanking, or scraping noises. These noises are not normal, and should not be ignored. They likely indicate a failing or broken part within your furnace that will need to be repaired or replaced.

Your Utility Bills Jumped This Winter

Many homeowners will notice that their utility bills are higher in winter due to the fact that they are running their furnace. However, when compared to previous years, your winter heating bill should not jump drastically. If your heating bill seemed abnormally high this winter, then your furnace is not functioning efficiently, and it is likely in need of maintenance and repairs.

Noticing any problems with your heater now, and having it repaired this spring, will make for an easier fall and winter next year. Contact Barrett and Sons today, we’re a furnace repair company in Schertz TX, to learn more about furnace repair, including more signs indicating that your furnace needs servicing this spring.


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