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When your heating system breaks down, it won’t take long before you feel winter’s cold inside your home. Living in the cold is uncomfortable and can cause health problems for the very young and the elderly. If there is no simple fix to get your heating system running, contact your heating repair service person for emergency repair. While waiting for their arrival, stay warm and protect your plumbing with these seven tips:
Prevent your plumbing from freezing. Turn on your water faucets just enough to allow a steady drip. A small water flow through the pipes inhibits freezing. This simple precaution prevents water damage from burst pipes and expensive repair work.
Seal up air leaks through windows and doors. If you haven’t installed extensive weather-stripping, cold air drafts from leaks will quickly cool your home. If you can see daylight at the bottom of your door or can feel a draft, place rags or towels along its bottom. Do the same for drafty windows.
Let in the sun. When sunlight is shining on a window, open the drapes to allow in some natural solar heating. Keep the drapes closed on shaded windows to prevent heat from radiating outside through the glass.
Put on extra clothing layers. Layered clothing keeps you warm because it traps air between the layers. After layering up, wear a heavy coat on top. Don’t forget to wear long underwear and a hat or hood. The head and legs radiate a lot of heat.
Do some cooking. Use your stoves and oven to cook a hearty meal. The heat generation will warm the kitchen and the activity will keep you and your helpers warm. When finished, the hot food will warm you further. While waiting for the meal to cook, serve hot drinks. Don’t use your cooking appliances as a long-term heating system. It may cause a fire, or health problems if you use gas.
Close the doors to unused rooms. Closing off unused rooms reduces the size of your living space. Small spaces are easier to warm up.
Stay busy. If there are any unfinished projects or housework, now is a good time to finish them. Activity generates heat in the body. You can also do indoor exercises or go for a walk if the weather permits.
To avoid a heating system breakdown this winter, call Barrett and Sons at (210) 659-5801. We’re heating repair professionals in Schertz, TX – we’d be happy to help!

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