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If you’ve decided it’s time for a new furnace, you may be thinking of how you can cut costs. Some handy homeowners may try to convince themselves that they can install a new furnace to save on labor expenses, but it’s usually not a good idea. A furnace isn’t like a refrigerator, that you just plug in after you muscle it into place. There’s a lot more to it, and there are several reasons why heating installation isn’t a DIY job.

1. Furnace installation requires a lot of specific skills. From pipe cutting and threading, to furnace venting, there are a lot of steps that have to be done correctly. Otherwise, you will end making a large investment in a furnace that doesn’t work efficiently, or requires follow-up repairs, which, in the long run, costs more.

2. This job requires expensive, specific equipment. You have to use the right tool for the job, and most homeowners don’t have the specialized tools to complete a furnace installation. Since the equipment needed is costly, it’s a better idea to hire a licensed contractor who already has the right tools.

3. Sometimes, installing a furnace yourself will void the warranty. Many manufacturers insist that licensed contractors take care of the installation, or the warranty will be cancelled. With such a large investment that is supposed to last you at least a couple of decades, you want to make sure that warranty is in place.

4. Safety first. There are a lot of little things that can go wrong, but they have big consequences. A pipe not connected properly can result in a gas leak, or an improper vent can lead to carbon monoxide issues in the home. Your family’s health and safety is top priority.

5. Municipalities require a permit be acquired by a licensed company and that an inspection is conducted for proper installation as a safety precaution.

There are some jobs that homeowners can tackle themselves, saving a little bit of money along the way. But certain tasks are best left to experienced professionals, and installing a furnace is one of those. If you are in need of a new hvac system installation in Converse, TX contact us today at (210) 659-5801.

4 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Heating Installation is Not a Do-it-Yourself Job”

  1. Jay Jorgenson

    It makes a lot of sense to me that if you try and install a heating system yourself, it may end up requiring repairs afterwords. I know for a fact that I would ruin it because of my lack of experience. I am definitely going to hire a professional if I ever need this to happen!

  2. Heidi Bookenstock

    I’ve been meaning to install a new heating system for a while now, but haven’t wanted to shell out the money. I thought of trying to install it myself, but after reading this article, I’m very glad I didn’t. I didn’t realize there were so many specific skills required, like pipe cutting and furnace venting.

  3. Sariah Meagle

    You’re right about pointing out that installing a furnace requires a specific set of skills to do. Since it requires specific equipment to install, I might have an HVAC company install a furnace for me instead. I believe that I should value safety first so I’ll call them as soon as possible so I can have some decent heat in my house during cold days.


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